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Wesley Champagne Blacksmith Buddy
Wes Champagne of Champagne Horseshoe Company is the creator of the Blacksmith Buddy.

First there was the Glue on Shoe developed by Wes Champagne that changed the way horses were shod forever. This innovative and smart product impacted a global market and took expert farrier Wes Champagne from national to multi-national and international fame for his technique. He successfully shod horses in all the major events here and around the globe.

When the legislation changed Wes Chapagne recognized that there was a need for training, practice, instruction and demonstration in the horse hoof care community that was no longer served properly by the use of unavailable cadaever legs and limited needs of horse rescues. There simply werent enough hooves to ensure adequate training, practice and instruction. So Wes solved the problem by creating an anatomically correct, adjustable, reusable, recyclable and retrainable device that articulates like a real horse.  The Blacksmith Buddy was born.

The Blacksmith Buddy, created by Wes Champagne of the Champagne Horseshoe Company, is the results of generations of horseshoeing, horse breeding, horse riding and horse care.  If we go back four generations we find Frank Shipley, Wes’s grandfather a USDA Vet.  Wes’s father, Gerald Champagne, was both a jockey, a successful trainer and breeder. Wes’s  uncles were also farriers in their own right as is his son and nephew… and its safe to say that Horses run in Wes’s blood.

The Blacksmith Buddy is a ground breaking, revolutionary, new way to train farriers, veterinarians, and horseshoers in the art of shoeing horses.  From the maker of the Glue on Shoe, world renown farrier Wes Champagne brings this anatomically correct prosthestic horse leg with removable, recyclable and reusable horse hooves allowing everyone to learn, train and practice horseshoeing in a safe, humane and eco-friendly environment.

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